abe lincoln robotic carving

Petrillo Stone Carves Abraham Lincoln with New Robotic Machine

More and more industries around the world are taking advantage of the power of technology – and Petrillo Stone is thrilled to be able to bring a new piece of tech on board to help with the details. Recently, our team was able to procure an incredible robotic carving machine! This machine allows us to enhance our skill with even more intricate detail and beauty than we ever had been able to before.

Marble Carving of Abraham Lincoln

Our first creation with the robotic carving machine was a beautiful bust out of marble of Abraham Lincoln. A timeless piece that rivals the Roman marble statues (in our humble opinion) came out with exquisite detail right down to the wrinkles on his forehead.

Why We Wanted a Robotic Carving Machine

Petrillo Stone is known for the intricate details we put into every custom carving or stonework we perform. A robotic carving machine will allow us to pour even more time into design. While we don’t intend to use the machine for every carving (as we pride ourselves on the hand-carving skill we have perfected since 1920), we do hope to offer this as an extension of our already beautiful and highly sought-after pieces.

We look forward to creating many more amazingly detailed carvings for our clients in the future and bringing back more historical artwork to businesses around New York City.