Petrillo stone carving project

Choosing Between Cast Stone and Natural Stone

Petrillo stone carving projectStonemasonry has evolved since its early beginnings. Even as far back as thousands of years ago, natural stone from quarries was used to build the first homes, churches, and theatres. Today, adding stonework to your home, church, or business is easy and you have many options. Some use stone for their fireplaces, others spruce up their landscape or add a custom path to their front door. As a business or church, you may want to use stone to add beauty and intricate design to your building.

Cast Stone

Modern techniques have made adding stonework to any area much easier. One of the best ways to add stonework that is also great on a budget is by using cast stone. Cast stone is a highly refined building material usually formed by mixing natural elements like quartz, granite, limestone, or marble. Cast stone mix is then pushed through molds to give it a look that resembles the density and texture of natural stone. While this can look authentic, it cuts the cost of paying for the real thing while still adding the value that stonework offers.

Natural Stone

Just like our ancient ancestors, we too can use natural stone to enhance the beauty around us. The historical look of natural stone can give you a unique look that will draw the attention of anyone who happens by. Natural stone can be quartz, marble, limestone, granite, basalt, onyx, and more. By using quarries, natural stones are brought forth from the earth and used for building a variety of things. Because cast stone is created using molds, the amount of detail within the stonework can be minimal. With natural stone, a sculptor can get as detailed or as intricate as possible (think of Greek and Roman marble statues or ancient cathedrals). This level of detail is unparalleled – but you have to pay for it.

How to Choose a Stone for Your Project

natural stoneDeciding which stone to use for your project can be difficult, but there are some things to consider. While cast stone is often an easier choice and more cost-effective, cast stone has its limitations. Because cast stone is created by mixing stone elements together and pushed through a mold, it can be difficult to add intricate detail through carving. For buildings that need to go up fast, or for walkways or additions to your home that you want to be done quickly, cast stone is a perfect choice.

Natural stone, although more expensive, can provide you with more detail by allowing a professional sculptor to customize it for your needs. If you think back to Roman theatres or Greek marble statues, the level of detail can be incredible, and that is what you can expect from natural stone.

Work With Us

At Petrillo Stone, we love working with all types of stone to help people get their desired results. We love historic cathedrals and monuments that showcase the beauty of natural stone, but we also appreciate the types of buildings that can be erected with the use of cast stone. For more information or for help deciding which stone to use, please contact us today.