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3 Things You Need to Know About Stonemasonry

More than 70% of the world’s architecture is built using stone. The craft of stonemasonry is hard to miss. As we commute to and from work or school pick-up lines, we can easily miss out on the beauty of this stonework that is all around us. A foundation for many cities, stonemasonry is something to appreciate. Below are some facts about stonemasonry that you may not have known, but will hopefully give you a new appreciation of the art.

It’s a Tale As Old As Time ancient stonework

From the building of the Pyramids of Giza to the elaborate stone streets and structures of ancient Jerusalem, stonemasonry has been a ‘cornerstone’ and the foundation for most civilizations around the world. In fact, as far back as 8,000 years ago, Native Americans were using stonework for weapons, pottery, and cooking slabs. A commodity even 6,000 years ago, humans would sunbake clay bricks and construct the earliest monuments and structures in history. The art became perfected over the course of thousands of years, but even these early stonemasons were so skilled that many of their builds are still identifiable today.¬†

What’s older still are the quarries from which some stones are taken. For example, the ancient city of Aswan, Egypt, is estimated to be about 50,000 years old and is the location of the same quarry from which over 2 million blocks of stone were pulled to craft the Pyramids of Giza.

It Can Withstand Fire 

Excavation has been ongoing in many parts of the Middle East, South America, and Europe as ancient civilizations continue to be uncovered. A common theme is that many of the old cities and structures being excavated are the work of stonemasons. While much history has been lost to the elements of nature, stonemasonry has withstood the elements. Stone, unlike many alternative building materials, does not melt, twist or warp in high heat or fire.

As a result, scientists have uncovered massive monuments, churches, houses, and buildings that extremely skilled stonemasons constructed. Some of the most wonderous have been found in places like Jerusalem, Egypt, and Pompeii. Even covered in the desert sand and volcanic dust, the beauty remains.

It Has Contributed to the Advancement of Societies

Cities built with stone, foundations laid by skilled stonemasons, and the perfected art of stonemasonry are some of the reasons why societies advanced as much as they did. History shows us that societies with bigger stone cities, monuments, churches, or structures were often the home of many patriarchs and royalty. Today, with its use in cathedrals and universities, stonemasonry is also a sign of an educated and thriving society.

Our team at Petrillo Stone has been a part of the history of stonemasonry since 1907. Our roots in this field are deep and our passion for the art is immeasurable. Not only do we firmly believe that stonemasonry will continue to stand the test of time, but we have seen firsthand the beauty created when incorporating stonemasonry into any structure. We would be honored if you took a look at our latest stonework projects. Also, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to add stonework to your business or home.