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Update on the New York Life Building Project

Indiana Limestone Sill for the New York Life Building

In a previous blog post, we shared some of the limestone gargoyles we provided to the New York Life Building as part of a restoration project. Basically, we created replicas of the existing gargoyles as replacements for some that were weathered and broken. However, our work for this national landmark building didn’t stop there.

We’ve also been hand carving replacement stones (lugged lintel stones) to sit above designated windows, as well as some window sills. The stones are Indiana limestone with a medium sandblast finish, carved in our very own Mount Vernon shop. The original pieces were fabricated in the 1920’s and have started to break and crack. You can find photos of this work below.

Original construction of the New York Life Building was completed in 1928, and the building was named a National Historic Landmark in 1972. In order to maintain its structure and beauty, renovations have recently become necessary. Due to our reputation in the industry and attention to detail, Petrillo Stone Corporation was hired to handle the job. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the progress we make and how things unfold. In the meantime, we’re honored for the opportunity to work on a piece of US history.

For photos from our gargoyle project, be sure to check out this blog post.

Petrillo Stone Fabricates Stone for the Home

Although we mostly share our commercial stone fabrication projects with our followers, we’ve captured some rare photos of custom stone fabricated for the Hogan House in Manhasset, NY. These custom pieces add a touch of elegance and individuality to the home.

The kitchen and bathroom counter tops are made from Imperial Danby Honed Marble. They look great with the gray and white color schemes of the different rooms. The fireplace surrounds are Flamed Finish Absolute Black Granite and Pietra Cardosa Stone. If you can’t tell from the photos, the fireplace is actually a see-through fireplace visible on both sides of the wall. All of these materials were fabricated in Petrillo Stone’s Stone Shop in Mount Vernon, NY.

Petrillo Stone Repairs Marble Crucifix

IMG_0401The crucifix below, carved out of marble, has been shipped in from the Philippines for St. Pius X Church in Scarsdale, NY. It arrived chipped and broken, but Petrillo Stone Corporation is working to make it good as new.

After it has been completely restored, we will send it back to be displayed in the church. At Petrillo Stone, we understand how important this marble statue of Jesus Christ on the cross is to the church as well as the parishioners, so we would never return it in substandard conditions.

See below for images of our progress:

Petrillo Stone Corps’ Latest Project: the New York Life Building

New_York_Life_Building_2Construction on the New York Life Insurance Building was completed in 1928. Its combination of a gold pyramid roof and Gothic details makes it a great example of the Art Deco/Moderne movement. It stands 615 feet tall, contains 40 floors, and occupies an entire block in Manhattan. Additionally, the building was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1972.

Recently, renovations have become necessary to maintain the landmark and Petrillo Stone Corporation was hired to handle the job. In the photos in this post, you can see one of the original gargoyles from the New York Life Building (And our very own Ralph Petrillo in the background). Next to it, you’ll see the replica we made. Can you tell the difference? Hint: Ours looks much newer.

We carved this exact copy out of Indiana limestone and will sandblast to give it a weathered look. Both gargoyles will be re-added to the building’s exterior.

We’re so proud and honored to lend a helping hand to an historic icon.

Altar at Loyola Hall

Petrillo Stone Corporation recently cleaned and restored the altar at Fordham University’s Loyola Hall. The material is a white Marble that was terribly stained before it was cleaned and patched. You can find the images in the gallery below.

Stone work at 330 Madison Avenue

Petrillo Stone completed a beautiful stone project at 330 Madison Ave in New York City.

Hand worked stone fireplaces

We recently completed a hand worked fireplace made out of Indiana limestone fabricated at Petrillo Stone‘s Mount Vernon Fabrication Plant. We do a lot of custom pieces for home interiors including benches, counter tops, vanities, and fireplaces. Using natural stone in interior design is timeless and elegant.